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What is Female Viagra ?

Female Viagra

Female Viagra

Female Viagra (FV) , Today as you know lack of sex drive is more common in women than ever before. About 43% of women are suffering condition known as “female sexual arousal disorder”. More than men sex issues, women suffer from this condition.
So does Female Viagra works ? but I have to say that It’s not working as promised. Don't buy it !

So if you are searching for FV drug and looking for information I have to say that do not buy FV, I think it’s also not been approved by FDA as well. If you want more satisfying sexual experience and of keeping women in mood do use following products that I have chosen specially for women.

Antidepressants effects of sexual dysfunction is the main problem for women these days. So you can use sex women products to over come this condition.

Viagra for men might works for men because they have a physical issues but for women it's physical and psychological issue as well.
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Women with Sexual Arousal Disorder will be most beneficial from this product. Reach an orgasm in women is also not possible women but some it's possible with this product. Female circumcision
female condom, female aphrodisiac, female arousal and female aphrodisiac are things you should take care of in addition to take this drug. Blood flow to the genitalis the main task of this drug, but it only can not provide good intercourse sex experience. This product modestly increase the sexual experience for some women.

Some women take other drugs and they can badly effect the sexual experience and Female Viagra might benefit this type of women as well. This product also available as female viagra cream as well.

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Pros and Cons

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There are lots of free bonuses books are given with this product. The customer service that they provide is excellent.

The product is detailed So you might find it read all content is difficult but you can skip some chapters and get to the real content and start using it, Any way it’s designed for easy to read manner and easy to read instruction are there also.

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Sexual Dysfunction

This is reported that  over 40% of women experience Sexual Dysfunction in some part in their life. This can be categorized as a complex sex issue and there are treatments for this.
It’s mainly concerns with psychological and physiological needs of women. This issue can be overcome by intimacy, compassion and understanding from their partners instead of taking pills like Viagra. This can be categorized in to 4 sections.

1. Lack of sexual desire
2. Lack of sexual arousal
3. Pain and discomfort during intercourse
4. Lack of achieve orgasm

Four Main Experiences happen if take Female Viagra

Viagra will definitely might increase sexual arousal for some female – This product can be classified as orgasm tablet. This will increasing sexual arousal and release of lubricating secretions in very few women Thus it will allow both men and women to have more satisfying sex.

Increased heart rate – This product will increase your heart rate by 3 to 4 times.

Decreases blood pressure – If you take this medicine then you will have less blood pressure levels than normal.

Some side effects that experienced by women – You might experience and Flushing of the Skin, Headache and Dizziness in some cases. This is not for all women as well.

8 Facts about Female Viagra

1. Viagra is only approved by FDA for men but doctors can prescribe this drug for women and it’s available in world wide now.

2. This product increases blood flow to the vagina, labia and clitoris Thus it act as a normal orgasm for few women.

3. You should take this with empty stomach and no alcohol and before and intercourse.

4. Side effects are similar to men and you might get headache as well.

5. There are no long term side effects reported so far.

6. This product is not suitable for pregnant mothers.

7. This product will work for few but not for all.

8. This product will help to post-menopausal women in increasing arousal, sensation and vaginal lubrication for few women.

This is the end of Female Viagra Site Posts.

5 Ways to get Sexual Satisfaction

1. Self Stimulation – Masturbation will improve how you can respond to different touch. It will improve your sexual self-awareness as well.

2. Look and Feel – How you feel about your self, Looks good or weight , Bad image of your self will not improve sex satisfaction. Negative body image will badly effect your sex life. Exercise will improve about your sex life.

3. Play - role-playing and sex games seems odd but having a game while sex will improve sex

4. Tone Your Pelvic Muscles – Tone your pelvic muscles by doing exercises. As other exercises are good for other parts of the body and pelvic will strength pelvic muscles.

5. Erotica and Sex Toys – you can improve satisfaction by using sex toys.It will also boost desire as well.